WORKING 24/7? THAT’S SO 2019.

Unlock everything you need to build, sell, and scale with digital products in your sleep…


You’ve got a lot to share with the world, but you’re tired of spending all your time with 1:1 work.

You need a way to make consistent, predictable sales without having to add one more thing to your calendar.

And you’ve heard a lot about digital products. Maybe you’ve even tried to make a few (but it doesn’t go gangbusters like everyone said it would).

You haven’t given up yet, though.

Because you KNOW you want to…

  • Earn income on-demand, while working a schedule YOU set.

(Ahem, clients? You’re not making the rules anymore.)

  • Earn income on-demand, while working a schedule YOU set.

(Limits? The limit does not exist.)

  • Afford the finer things in life without worrying you'll go broke.

(Extra leg room on your flight? It’s yours.)

What you’re really dreaming of?

A business and a life that only Digital Products can afford

Let the D-Commerce® Academy show you the way there.

Inside the D-Commerce® Academy, you’ll be able to find resources for EXACTLY where you’re at in your digital product journey.

The D-Commerce® Academy can help you turn that revenue stream into a rushing river of profit. 

Get the strategies to turn your store into a sales machine that cranks out new customers, more time off, and freedom because you aren’t too busy chasing the next client or filling your schedule with unscalable 1-1 work.

We’re in this for the long run, bb! 

The D-Commerce® Academy will help you make your first digital product.

You’ll also learn what it takes to come up with an idea that’ll sell like hotcakes. Then, learn how to get everything up and running so your audience can actually buy it. 

Stress? Overwhelm? Never heard of her. Because now you know how to add a passive revenue stream to your growing business.

"What impresses me the most about this program is Christina's commitment to the success of the students. I can see how much she cares for us and wants to see us reach for the stars. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who's needing expert advice on starting an online shop, expanding their shop, or increasing sales of their online shop. When your coach is teaching you what they know because of first-hand knowledge and personal success on the exact topic they're teaching, you know you have found the right one!"

- Chelsea Traina




Products on Tap® is my proven framework + program designed to help you choose your digital product and create an online shop that works in 30 days or less.

It offers the templates, cheatsheets, and tutorials you need to create a digital product and online shop with ease…AND helps you shift your mindset from “services” to “products” so that you can confidently start making the changes you need!

Best of all? It’s perfect for newbie digital product creators and experienced ones alike. Get your 30-day roadmap to digital product success.


Launch Your Shop Academy®

Foundations of Profitable, Passive Products

→ Define what makes a great product (and what to avoid)

→ Courses vs products. (courses can be done differently)

→ Define minimum viable product and show what that looks like

→ Define your market’s need then create the container

→ Understand the pros and cons of different platforms (ex: Shopify vs. Squarespace)

Build Your Memorable Shop Brand

→ Find your customers first, and products second, so that you only create products your audience loves

→ Connect with your perfect person to identify their needs and dreams to eliminate your competition

→ Establish a brand voice that makes captions, content and product descriptions easier than lighting a candle with a flamethrower

→ Choose the colors, fonts and brand elements that make your shop YOU

→ Learn how to name + theme your shop so customers always think of you first

Create Your Products

→ Discover the 3 must-have features that every best selling digital product has so you never create a dud that doesn’t sell

→ Find out how to repurpose what you’re already offering as a service into an on-demand digital download product

→ Name your products so everyone remembers them

→ Use my pre-made product template to quickly and easily set up your first successful products!

Launch Your Shop

→ Set up your shop on Squarespace or Shopify with easy-to-understand directions and themes that set you sailing instead of stressing you out

→ Map out your shop’s categories for a simple menu and lots of customer clicks

→ Learn the exact text your site needs, legally speaking, to stay out of internet jail

→ Get my foolproof launch plan that walks you through exactly how to plan your launch

→ Complete everything for your launch, just by finishing this module!

→ Feel excited about launching, instead of overwhelmed, by having a calendar and key dates all at your fingertips

Best Traffic Strategies for New Shops

→ Learn my complete 8-step traffic system, with each source ranked based on your personality

→ Walk away with a plan that makes it easy for you to attract fresh new faces to your store

→ Learn how I maintain my shop’s 2500+ visitors per week with just two hours’ of content creation each month

→ Break free from trendy traffic sources like Facebook ads or TikTok, so you never feel the nagging pressure to jump on the latest platform before you’re ready or willing 

Create a Customer Experience that CRUSHES!

→ Discover why I never feel guilty about selling, and why pitching my products never feels like a chore (even though I’m introverted AF)

→ Find out how I’ve built a loyal customer base around a boring, commodity product (legal templates) and how you can do the same, but with even more ease

→ Walk away with a perfect customer process that leads to lots of great reviews

→ Confidently know what to do when someone asks for a refund (it will happen, no matter how great your products are)

→ Learn my formula for gathering perfect testimonia

Train Your Customer to Spend More

→ Learn why abandoned carts are an underrated asset in your shop

→ Discover my five tricks for increasing your customers’ average order value (AOV)

→ Understand exactly what you do and don’t need to include with your products to thrill your customers

→ Find out what bonuses you’ll need to make buying from your shop a no-brainer

Schedule Predictable, Passive Sales

→ Know when to expect browsers to turn into buyers so you can easily plan your cashflow for big purchases and life upgrades

→ Have your own personal sales force in place, sans hiring or making a big tech investment

→ Turn into a full-blown big-girl business ready for what’s next now that your shop is getting you noticed!

Simple Sustained Shop Sales™

Products That Sell Themselves

How do you get your digital offers loved — and snatched up — by thousands of raving fans? What’s the secret sauce for building an insanely irresistible sales page or mini-shop? How’s a gal like you stand out in an industry filled with people trying to do the exact same thing? In this module, you’ll get the step-by-step strategies for creating digital products that are more addictive than chocolate-covered strawberries. 

$100K Black Friday Roadmap

Everyone and their mother is running a Black Friday how do YOU get noticed? Find out in Module 2. We’ll cover strategies your competition is definitely not doing, like juicy doorbusters your buyers will drool over, the #1 way to increase conversions in advance, and the Black Friday timing formula that’ll help you stand out even against the giant retailers. Plus, you’ll learn how to price your products for Black Friday and the biggest mistakes that lead to the biggest Black Friday busts (and how to avoid them, obvs!) 

The Content Engine

Over the past 4 years, we’ve perfected an ongoing content system that brings in 300+ new visitors into our shop every. single. day. That’s a lotta prospective buyers! In this module, you’ll learn how you can avoid the #1 pitfall that most digital product creators fall into: not enough traffic. We’ll cover things like creating bingeable YouTube videos, shareable blog posts, likeable Instagram and Facebook posts, and key organic search traffic strategies (read: totally free-for-you techniques) that take you from unappealing to desirable AF. 

6-Figure Promo Calendar

There’s one surefire way to bring in a major cash injection with your digital products: a semi-annual sale. In this module, I’m giving you to the keys to the semi-annual sale kingdom, including a review of our secret 40% Scalera Sales Structure, why these convert as well as they do, how to price your digital products to sell like crazy, and when to put these puppies on the calendar. You’ll even get a bonus wind-up template to entice your audience before you open up the doors to your digital product wonderland. P.S. Just one semi-annual sale done right will MORE THAN cover the cost of Simple Sustainable Shop Sales™. 

Collaborate to Crush It

Learn how you can go from virtually “no one” online to a guest expert other people’s audiences are hungry for. In this module, you’ll get a 360 degree overhead view of the outreach methods that rapidly scale an online store like yours. We’ll cover content like guest blogging, podcast interviews, JV webinars, and more secrets for getting in front of massive audiences online — even if nobody knows your name.  

Build Your 24/7 Affiliate Army

You know how your best friend comments “Yeah girl!!” on literally everything you post? Good affiliate partners are a lot like that! (They do make fewer drinks for you, though.) In this module, you’ll be handed the map for finding raving-fan-level affiliates who will happily share your digital products with their audiences all day, every day. Imagine how freeing it’s going to feel to know that there are brand ambassadors out there doing your marketing for you. OMG, is this how Lady Gaga feels?! #LookWhoIsFamousNow 

Expand Your Reach with Public Speaking

If you’re not leveraging speaking engagements to scale your offer sales, then you’re profit-blocking yourself, my friend. You’ll learn how to get in front of fresh faces, wow ‘em with your expertise, and turn them into paying customers — even if you’re a shy-hearted introvert whose face turns bright red at the mere sight of a microphone. (Seriously, I’m an INTJ, and public speaking used to give me the sweats. You can do this, I swear.) 

Supercharge Your Sales

Ever asked yourself, “Are Facebook ads worth it?” Most of the time, the answer is no — unless you’re running the very specific type of ads I’m teaching you about in Module Eight. You’ll also get to steal the best strategies for accelerating your income, closing digital product sales you thought were lost, and staying in front of your hottest leads. 

There are virtually countless resources — trainings, templates, checklists, and more — to help you unlock more freedom and more $$$ with digital products.

This Academy has EVERYTHING I’ve ever taught about digital products, for one low price.

Value for all the resources inside the Academy: $4,585

YOUR PRICE: $2,499

You might be asking…

“Who is The D-Commerce® Academy for?”

…AKA, “Is it worth my money?”

The D-Commerce® Academy is for….

  • Service providers who want to grow beyond the daily hustle of managing clients.

  • Business owners who want to diversify their revenue streams, grow their income, and stop trading hours for dollars.

  • Folks feeling overwhelmed by their business, are tired, and craving an easier way to grow their income.

  • Service providers who are searching for a business model that allows them to be in complete control of their


  • Business owners who want to add a new revenue arm to their business, so they can feel safe and secure no matter what happens. 


This program is NOT for anyone who owns a brick-and-mortar product store, who sells physical products, or works in multi-level marketing. 


This program is NOT for anyone who owns a brick-and-mortar product store, who sells physical products, or works in multi-level marketing. 

"I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is serious about growing a digital product shop. Nobody knows D-Commerce™ like Christina and the strategies you'll learn in this program WORK. In the last few months, I've already gone from 0 to 3 sales a month in my shop to making anywhere from 10 to 35 sales a month... and I can't wait to see that continue to grow over the next few months and years, using what I've learned in this program."

- Megan Taylor

I’m Christina

In four years, I built an award-winning, record-breaking 7-figure Shopify empire with The Contract Shop® by turning my legal services into digitally downloadable contract templates. 

In 2022, I sold my shop for an undisclosed amount (but let’s just say I’m REAL happy with it). 

Before digital products, I was hustling for my supper. I was working with clients and wanting to bang my head against a wall almost daily.

Then… when I figured out you could create and sell digital products… everything changed

Launching my shop allowed me to meet my greatest friends (who I’m proud to shout out because they are now HUGE industry power players — think Funnel Gorgeous, Topsie Vanden-Bosch and Jenna Kutcher). 

I also did some really bucket list things, like: bought an island home in Washington State and a mountain home in Colorado.

I’ve been featured on big stages, like Marketer’s Heart, Goal Digger, The Hill Creatives, Entrepreneur, Don’t Keep Your Day Job (the podcast and book!), The Connect Show (CW & Fox syndicated), Being Boss, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, and Cubicle to CEO.

And my ultimate bucket list dream… buy whatever the heck I want at Whole Foods. What a life.

I’m not the only person this has worked for. I’ve coached and taught people to do the same thing — and my frameworks and experience WORK. 

I want you to have more freedom, time, and money in your life. That’s why I created the D-Commerce® Academy. Because it houses ALL my best resources in one place, for one price… and all you have to do is join to get access for a lifetime.

What do you say?

Let’s make your digital product dreams come true. 

The D-Commerce® Academy is yours for just $4,585 $2,499!

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